Story Writing Week!

March 5-9, 2018 Where do we start?  What should we write about?  What kind of experiences do students share no matter where they live and go to school?  How do we take everyone's ideas in the class and make only one story introduction? Why are we only writing one part and then passing it on to other students who have no idea what we think should happen next? These were just a few of the things we had to wrestle through as a class when writing the first part of our collaborative story. By far the greatest challenge the class faced was having to embrace the concept of starting something without having control of what happens next.  As we wrote, we tried to be very international about including  universal childhood experiences...habits like chewing fingernails when fearful, having to face uncertainties, and especially the need for companionship.   We managed to keep the introduction to under 250 words, and have sent off part one to be translated into Spanish.

A Visit from EduDeo

February 21, 2018 In order for the students to have a better idea of the history and culture of the Haitian students in the Dominican Republic that they will be working with on this project, we invited Ryan Geleynse from EduDeo to speak in our grade 7 classroom today.  It was so helpful to learn more about the students that we'll be partnering with to write a story. Mr. Geleynse challenged us all to not focus on how we are different than others, but instead to recognize how our stories are the same.

Project planning

WRITE TO HOPE 2018 February 5, 2018    How can children around the world collaborate to write stories that bring hope to a broken world? This is the question behind the Write-to-Hope project that I have the privilege of being involved in with my grade 7 class this year. We are excited to partner with EduDeo Ministries and two other classes from Trinity Christian school in Burlington to jointly write and illustrate a story that explores true hope. Today, the teachers and leaders met to discuss the roles that each of us will be playing in this year's Write to Hope project, and to set a timeline for its completion. It was exciting to sit around the table and to share a common vision for creating unity across the globe through our story- writing!